We have had the opportunity to use Happy Paws Pet Sitting twice in the past year and we can’t say enough good things about the experience or John, who took such good care of our “kids”! 

We have two dogs, Molly and Bogey.  Before we ever hired Happy Paws, John came out to our house to visit.  While it seems like such a small thing, we really appreciated the fact that he took the time to meet the dogs and us.  It gave us a chance to see how he interacted with the dogs, and they with him.  The fact that the dogs seemed to take an instant liking to him and that John seemed to take a genuine interest in them made it much easier to leave them the first time.

Not only did John take care of the dogs for us, he took care of a mess that one of the dogs made.  John came over one afternoon to find that our little one, Bogey, had been frantically clawing and chewing at the garage door trying to get out.  In the process, he destroyed a good portion of the door frame leaving small pieces of wood everywhere.  John made sure Bogey was alright AND he cleaned up every last piece of the mess!

The updates that were left each day by John were both funny and informative.  We were very happy on both occasions and will not hesitate to use Happy Paws and John again.

Rick and Angie, Parker