Happy Paws Pet Sitting offers a variety of services, which are described below.  During our free, initial Meet and Greet, we will discuss each of these services so we can work together to customize a program to best serve the needs of your pets.  While you are away during the day or for an extended period of time, we offer your pets the best possible care available.  We give them the same love that you would give them if you were home with them!

Please visit the “Service Rates” page for the prices of our different services.  Your Happy Paws representative will help you to decide which services best provide the care you desire while staying within your budget.  Click here to contact us.

Cat Express (10 Minutes)

Cat Express is our exclusive CAT ONLY service!   During this drop in visit we will refresh your cat(s)’ food and water, clean their litter box, and give them a little TLC (if they are interested)!   This is the best option if you need cat visits but your cat is reserved and does not want to play or have lap time.


Cat Express Plus (15 Minutes)

Cat Express Plus is the same as our Cat Express service but for cats who do NOT hide and therefore want some attention.   Just as with the Cat Express, we will refresh their food and water, clean their litter box, and give them some TLC — everything from a few head scratches to a brushing, plus some playtime if they want it!


Paws Express (20 Minutes)

Paws Express is just a little shorter visit than our usual thirty minute dog walk/pet sitting visit.   During a Paws Express visit, we will take your dog for a 15 minute walk (or yard time), refresh food and water as needed, and give him/her a little TLC.


Paws Express Plus (30 Minutes)

THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE!     During this visit, we will take your dog(s) for a 25 minute walk (or yard time), refresh food and water, and give them some quality TLC.   Also, if you have a very social and/or active cat that would like some play time and/or affection, this service option is the perfect choice.


Extended Pet Sit (45 Minutes)

This length visit is perfect for high-energy dogs that need a longer walk or higher intensity exercise.  During this visit, we will take your dog(s) for a 35-40 minute walk or run, refresh their food and water, and give them LOTS of TLC.


Extended Pet Sit Plus (60 Minutes)

During this visit, your dog(s) will get a 50 minute speed walk or run, refreshment of food/water, and TONS of TLC.  This length visit is perfect for the working pet parent who wants their dog to be exhausted when they get home from work, or wants their dog to get an extra long exercise visit while on vacation.


Overnight Pet/House Sit (12 Hours)

This is our normal overnight pet sitting service.  Our pet sitter will arrive at your house at about 7PM, feed your dog(s) and take them for a nice walk, then settle in for the night (probably with a potty break before bedtime).   In the morning we repeat this routine.   While you are on vacation your house will maintain a “lived-in” look and your pets will get the quality one-on-one attention that they would not get if they stayed in a boarding facility.


Extended Overnight  (18 Hours)

This is our premium overnight pet/house sitting service.  This service is exactly like the overnight service above except that the Happy Paws sitter will stay at your home for 18 hours of a 24 hour day.  They may leave for up to two hours at a time, but will in effect be living at your home while you are away.   Please be sure to book this service well in advance of your time away because this service is very popular and will fill up quickly.



Happy Paws Club (HPC)

For those of you who are receiving mid-day dog walking service, a $1 discount is available when you receive three or more visits per week.    Your Happy Paws representative will discuss this discount with you during the initial Meet and Greet, or at any time that is convenient for you.  HPC clients are billed on a twice-monthly basis for services provided during the previous two week period.